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Bleach Swords Of Rojuro Otoribashi

Bleach Sword of Rojuro Otoribashi

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Rojuro Otoribashi first appeared in Manga 214, Anime 122. Rojuro Otoribashi also known as Rose is a tall man with blond straighter hairs same like as a shinigami. He always has suspicious face expressions. Usually, he wears a black color suit with a frilly shirt. 

Rose is a carefree sort of person who always enjoys Music, appeared while tuning a Guitar on a few occasions, and he also enjoys reading Manga, but he hates spoilers. Despite his carefree nature, Rose always take care of his fellow Vizard and treat them as a family members.

Rose's abilities are still hidden just a few of them are known as of yet because he has only been shown in battle once, and he was holding back. However, he was once a Captain. As a Vizard, he has the ability to use Hollow powers. He is a very Strong and powerful.

Before Rojuro Otoribashi and his companion vizards banished to the real world, he was a captain of the Gotei 13's 3rd Squad. Aizen did an experiments and hollowfied Rojuro and his companions. They thought that they gained these hollow power on their own accord whereas the truth was different. It was a result of experiments that Aizen did on them.

Rojuro Otoribashi used a Bleach Sword of 40.5" in length. The  Bleach Swords Of Rojuro Otoribashi are available for sale on Swords Co online shopping store at very good and competitive price.