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About Us

The Swords is an online mail order industry that had started business many years ago. We offer you the top quality swords replicas from several leading manufacturers all over the world. By offering hundreds of items, we are one of the biggest and oldest collectible companies in the world. The Swords Co has many years product knowledge and combined customer services. We bring you quality swords and other swords related items. Our Medieval products are manufactured locally and a lot of products come from overseas from leading manufacturing countries in order to provide you the best quality products in cheap prices. Some of the items that we carry are top quality weaponry replicas of the past, leather armors, Damascus Swords, Naruto Uzumaki Kunai Throwing Knives, Klaww of Death dagger, The Thor Hammers, Throwing Knives, Kingdom Heart Sora Keys, Hobbit Sword, Lord of the Ring Swords, Legend of Zelda Swords, Games of Thrones Swords, Final Fantasy Swords, Anime Swords, Helmets, Shields, Axes, Helmets, Fantasy Knives, Decorative Swords, Movie Swords, Fantasy Swords and many more.

The Swords Co strives to provide our customers perfect blend of medieval collectibles and outstanding customer services. We don’t make a lot profit out of our sales as we try to provide the most competitive products prices in order that our customer can get the most excellent deals. Moreover, we have a wide range of products variety, convenient payment methods, low shipping cost, lowest product prices, on time delivery and product availability. What more can a buyer demand! We are continually searching ways to make your buying experience with us extremely memorable, whether it’s your personal very first armor for your collection or a sword for the re-enactment. We welcome the criticism of our customers with open mind and try to make improvement in our services with their help. Please feel free to give your reviews and suggestions.


We are your inimitable online company for shields, armor, medieval swords, and loads of other medieval products. Our items can be seen at films sets, Live Action Role playing occasions, SCA re-enactments, renaissance fairs, plays and theaters. Our items, are not just used by the LARP groups or re-enactors, they can be utilized to stock your fort for siege, ornament your hallway, decorate your home, office or even decorate your castle dungeon. Our online website is updated regularly to offer you the latest information on promotions, sales, and deals of the week, features products, contest winners, new products and pre-order.