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Movie Helmet of 300 Spartan

300 Leonidas Spartan Helmet Brass

US$ 90.63 US$ 139.43

300 Leonidas Spartan Helmet Black

US$ 90.63 US$ 139.43

300 Leonidas Spartan Helmet

US$ 90.63 US$ 139.43

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Different styles of 300 Spartan Helmet or head protectors are gallant steerages and jousting caps, which give the knights an incredible level of facial and cranial protection and needed by them when they were jousting and contending. These Helmets are providing heroic style to the knights as well as the protection during the war. Sallet caps and barbut head protectors demonstrate an enthusiasm to the person who is wearing and fighting in it.

Here at The Swordsco.com, are the 300 Spartan Helmet or the head protectors that we are offering. Every one of them is produced using amazing steel and is ideal for utilization. Numerous are additional, providing the security that can be worn into the fight, guaranteeing that when you battle in them, you feel and resemble a warrior from the Early period. On the off chance that security is the name of your diversion, then this Spartan head protectors segment here, is doubtlessly the spot you need to be, here is the place you will discover some of our more amazing caps. They are the Spartan helmets that are needed by the warriors in the field of fight.

Austere cap areas contain all the three caps of Lord Leonidas which he utilized amid the war as a part of the Motion picture called 300. These copies are the unique duplicate of Lord Leonidas Helmet and are made of metal. This cap is essentially made of fabulous metal that is really rust free with no uncertainty, we promise this. It is having a cowhide top inside so that when you wear it, it won't hurt you as the top is to give solace to you. We pride you this cap in the large size with the goal that it can fit everybody's head and don't bring about any sort of issue. We are likewise giving a metal stand with it so that on the off chance that you need to put it where you can to place it, then you can do it effortlessly by the assistance of the metal stand. The items we are putting forth are comprised of the fabulous stainless steel and on the off chance that you need the carbon steel then we can give you the item you requested in the carbon steel too, it is according to the interest of the client. We serve the best to our clients so they don't have any sort of gripe or complain with respect to our administrations.