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Movie Helmet of Troy

Achilles Troy Trojan Movie Armor Helmet Black Finish

US$ 90.63 US$ 139.43

Achilles Troy Trojan Movie Armor Helmet Silver Finish

US$ 90.63 US$ 139.43

Achilles Troy Trojan Movie Armor Helmet

US$ 90.63 US$ 139.43

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Troy movie helmet is a standout amongst the most unrivalled Trojan style caps that we bring to the table if you are interested in the Trojan style helmets then you can give it a go and you can easily purchase it from here. The styling is awesome, the completion can't be beat, and it is totally lined within. This head protector is accessible in another kind of Dark Metal complete; this gives the cap a rough, textured look, similar to it has been around for a really long time. The dim metal additionally ensures against rust and is exceptionally tough. That is correct, it won't rust or scratch upon contact with another metal. Our Troy Steel Helmet is totally cushioned and lined within; there is no requirement for an equipping top. This protective cap additionally has a flexible button strap. The cushioning comprises of thick portions of froth, on the off chance that you have to make the protective cap greater, you simply take out a portion of the strips. 

On the off chance that you have to make the protective cap smaller, then you can essentially include them in the cowhide liner - exceptionally basic and to a great degree acceptable. This system gives you the ideal fit and keeps the cap from sliding around. The head protector has a connected dark tuft. This Troy movie Helmet is accessible in medium or large size as well. This helmet is basically made of pure metal that is actually, rust free without any doubt, we guarantee this. We are likewise giving a metal stand with it so that if you want to place it any where, then you can do it with ease by the help of the metal stand. It is having a leather cap inside so that when you wear it, it will not hurt you as the cap is to provide comfort for you.  

The products we are offering are made up of the pure stainless steel and if you want the high carbon steel then we can provide you the product you ordered in the carbon steel as well, it is as per the demand of the customer. We at The Swordsco.com, are providing these helmets in the normal size so that it can fit everyone’s head and do not cause any kind of problem. All you have to do is to order the product and then you will have the product of your choice in no time.